Lagoon Software is a nursery of visionary projects
that anticipate emerging technologies.


Discover the strengths of Lagoon Software for the upcoming projects.
Our team is committed and has developed skills in several fields for years, which allows us to adapt to the future.



Our expertise in graphics: 2D and 3D, special effects and UX/UI design, animation and the artistic sense of our talents allow us to create attractive, intuitive and unique interfaces.

Our creation methods offer us the possibility to produce beautiful 100% original assets for various universes, from mobile to mixed reality.

Proven expertise

realite virtuelle


We have already made several prototypes on Oculus Quest. However, this equipment developed by Meta has a very limited power, it cannot run properly the prototypes of graphically rich games that we have developed. To realize the immersive gaming projects that make us vibrate, we rely on the capabilities of the Apple vision pro and its competitors that will make this revolution possible.

Proven expertise

programmation front end


Our strong mastery of UNITY and C# tools opens up many opportunities in booming fields: games, interactive applications, virtual and augmented reality, and cross-platform experiences. The limits are mainly those of imagination and creativity. At Lagoon Software, these techniques are perfectly implemented and we seek to transcend them with innovative projects. We also believe that Unity will remain number one for the development of fun Apps for a long time.

Proven expertise

programmation back end


We believe that PHP is one of the most powerful languages for server-side development. Because this non-compiled language is more flexible than other trendy languages. With PHP 8.1, it is also cleaner and much more performant. By mastering the secrets of server-side programming in PHP, but also in other languages like python or java when necessary, we can improve our multi-user mobile applications and optimize the customer journey. Our expertise in Back-End expands the field of possibilities.

Proven expertise

IA tensorflow


We have created our own software that predicts the behavior of groups of consumers during user acquisition campaigns. By analyzing the actions of different target groups (cohorts), our artificial intelligence tells us with sufficient accuracy when an advertising investment will be profitable. This artificial intelligence therefore gives us a major advantage when making investment decisions on UA campaigns. But we also know how to develop other solutions using Google’s tools or in PHP via libraries that bypass more and more the limitations of python code.

Proven expertise

marche prometteur



The mobile application market is exploding, driven by the massive diffusion of smartphones and the growing demand for innovative applications to simplify daily life and meet customer needs. In addition, there are exciting market opportunities being created in India, Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia which display double-digit growth every year. The arrival of mixed reality that meets embedded AI will revolutionize uses and our lives. This will come with its share of possibilities for those who will develop the Apps of tomorrow.

Proven expertise


To build a better future for those who don’t have one.

WILL FLY fights poverty by revealing the potential of the most vulnerable. This NGO, which we support financially, uses personalized follow-up techniques to accompany children in their development. Since 2010, WILL FLY has been working with the most precarious children and families.

Its goal is to help them overcome the obstacles and social injustices and to foster their educational and professional success. By supporting WILL FLY, we want to contribute to changing the future of these children and their community. We want to give them hope for a brighter and fairer future. Each of our customers should know that they contribute a little to the work of WILL FLY.


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