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Our games are made for everyone! They are funny, non-violent and feature lovable and diverse characters. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find your happiness in our games. We have thought of all the profiles of players, including those who have specific needs.


With Lagoon Software games published by Full Game Ahead, you can win gifts without spending money! Our games are funded by advertising and comply with Google and Apple rules. You don’t need to pay to play or to receive your rewards.

jeu prize blast

16.8 k reviews Google
1.2 k reviews App Store

+ 525 K



Prize Blast is a relaxing puzzle game where you will embark on a pirate adventure. Full of colors, humor and surprises, you will meet some crazy characters. But this game also reserves you to find the pirate treasure to win gifts in real life that our company will deliver to your home without any cost.

  • 2020 – active

  • Blast

  • Android & IOS

  • Unity

  • Game for all audiences

  • En / Fr / Es

  • Gifts to win

  • +60 dedicated groups

jeu prize fiesta

97.7 k reviews Google
5.5 k reviews App Store

2,743 M



Blast game where you have to align a minimum of 3 similar objects to make them explode and pass the levels. The goal is to collect mushrooms: align the mushrooms to accumulate the number requested to fill your piggy bank as you progress through the levels and access the gift cave. Play and accumulate objects to unlock the gifts from the cave. The game is open to everyone but only players over 18 years old can participate in the winnings of gifts in the real world.

14 visual universes to discover.

  • 2017 – active

  • Match-3

  • Android & IOS

  • Unity

  • All-ages game

  • En / Fr / It/ De

  • Gifts to win

  • +40 dedicated groups

jeu garden goons

Multi-player fruit brawl game
End of distribution: 2023


Garden Goons is a strategy game in PVP Battle mode: Face other players from around the world in heroic battles. Unlock and boost the goons for better performance to protect Queen Blueberry.

  • 2019 – 2023

  • PVP – Multiplayer

  • Android & IOS

  • Unity

  • Game for all audiences

  • En / Fr/ Es

jeu maze fiesta

Maze game in a dreamlike world
End of distribution: 2021


Solve the mazes: Place the right sequence of pieces on a path to complete the maze and find magic tickets to try to win rewards.

  • 2015 – 2021

  • Puzzle

  • Android & IOS

  • Flash

  • Game for all audiences

  • En / Fr / De / It / Es / Pl

  • Gifts to win

jeu bang up box

Pinball reinvented
End of distribution: 2021


Bang Up Box is a strategic game. It combines wild mazes and a new generation pinball, all in a mysterious world. Score enough points in the pinball game to enter the maze and try to solve its puzzles.

700 different levels available.

  • 2014 – 2021

  • Arcade

  • Facebook

  • Flash

  • Game for all audiences

  • En/ Fr/ De / It

  • Gifts to win

jeu coin pusher

The classic game revisited that recorded 3 million downloads.
End of distribution: 2021


Coin Pusher is an innovative coin pusher game. It is one of the games that recorded the most French-speaking registrations in 2011. Exclusively available on PC, this game consists of sending balls into a fun course and collecting them in a piggy bank. The balls go randomly in the different elements of the game and always reserve surprises for the players!

12 different thematic courses.

  • 2009 – 2021

  • Arcade

  • Web / Facebook

  • Flash

  • Game for all audiences

  • En/ Fr / De / It

  • Gifts to win

jeu bill's ranch

Wild West simulation game
End of distribution: 2020


Strategic simulation game, multiplayer. It’s the story of a dynasty of cowboys from 1855 to 2021. Exclusively available on PC; this game takes you into the management of a ranch and all the hazards of cowboy life.

  • 2007 – 2020

  • Adventure / Simulation

  • Web

  • Flash

  • Game for all audiences

  • En / Fr / De

  • Gifts to win

jeux lagoonb

Tropical economic simulation game
End of distribution: 2020


Lagoon B is an economic simulation with a comic-book feel. Available exclusively on PC, this strategic game sees you develop a small orange juice business into an empire in the areas of your choice.

  • 2004 – 2020

  • Adventure / Simulation

  • Web

  • Flash

  • Game for all audiences

  • En / Fr

  • Gifts to win


We have created a business model that is good for the game and the players. Here’s how it works:

  • When a player watches an advertisement in full, we earn money

  • We use this money to offer gifts to the winners, which makes the game more attractive

  • The more attractive the game is, the more players it attracts, so the more it increases its audience

  • The larger the audience, the more players watch advertisements, which brings us money

  • And so on, we create a virtuous circle that benefits everyone

modele economique


FULL GAME AHEAD (Hong Kong) has been publishing games since 2010 and has recorded more than 3 million players on its games. This publisher encourages innovation and ensures that all its games bring original novelties to the public. It publishes Lagoon Software’s mobile games since 2014 and promotes them to its millions of users.

+5600 gifts won

illustration de l'éditeur



We are also thinking about a game “Bio Terra” that helps you better understand the environmental issues from a scientific point of view without political bias and outside the media chaos on these topics.

At Lagoon Software HQ, we are working on a bold simulation game that will change the game! Our goal is to explain the scientific nuances of ecology, to create an experience for you to experiment with the challenges of climate change. By playing this game, you will be able to make complex decisions yourself to limit the damage and preserve civilization by playing a decision-maker faced with crucial decisions. The game will be simple accessible for everyone, fun and easy to use. Help us fund this promising project and you will be the first to play it!


changement climatique

Climate change

conservation de l'eau

Water conservation

energie renouvelable

Renewable energy

gestion des dechets

Waste management

protection des ecosystemes

Ecosystem protection

agriculture durable

Sustainable agriculture

Be informed when this game is launched!


Lagoon Software develops and uses its own software that predicts the behavior and profitability of consumer groups on gaming apps, traditional apps, or websites with an efficient artificial intelligence. This AI tracks the actions of each person in a group of audience on the first day, then on days 7 and 30, to estimate the profitability of the group on day 90, by comparing it with all past audience groups.

This software solution will be a huge advantage for the industry. But for us, it’s already a valuable help to choose the best user acquisition strategies. It’s a Lagoon Software exclusive and it’s still a prototype, but we’re the only ones to benefit from it!

team de l'entreprise


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